Hitting Pause

It has been long enough already that the title of this post would be obvious if anyone actually followed this blog. It always bugs me when bloggers leave their pages in limbo so I won't do that to you here.

Life has a habit of getting away from you sometimes. Back in 2021, I became a real-life railroader, hiring on to a Class-1 in a management position. That turned into a 60+ hour per week gig. Then the new baby came... 

It isn't that I have done nothing on the layout or in the hobby since then - far from it. There just hasn't been a lot worth writing about here. 

The real roadblock, however, has been finding a suitable locomotive to keep the North Point project going. What is the point of starting to lay rail if you can't test it out? 

A few manufacturers have come out with a decent Alco S2 in O scale over the years, but so far they have eluded me. The one resin shell I found on eBay years ago was damaged in shipping and has no frame or motor, so it would be a ton of work to get up and running. In the meantime, I have kept an eye out for a suitable, temporary stand-in but nothing in P:48 has grabbed my attention when I had the funds available. Maybe a nice Rich Yoder 25 or 45-tonner already converted? 

And then there is the new layout project. NorthPoint was supposed to be a project for a few years to bridge the gap between larger layouts and build new skills. I definitely have learned a lot and built new skills. I've also met some great people in the hobby who share overlapping interests. I won't be walking away from the scale or NorthPoint entirely, but something new is on the horizon. 

I have retired as a professional railroader, and the baby is now a toddler with far more independence so I find myself with time again. The new project has been gaining momentum for over a year now.

I won't make a big announcement here because I want to keep the theme of this blog focused, but I will be starting a new page for the new project shortly. Look for it coming soon and, in the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed following me on this experiment in scale and theme.